Jean Valmé

A Salon de Beauté by Jean Valmé, in Carrefour   

The source material and a few stages of a Valmé commission for a Silicon Valley client. The kreyol text reads “I’ll sort that out for you,” or “I am going to fix that for you.”

Valmé at work on a barbershop portrait of Selena Gomez in the sprawling sub-city of Carrefour, just east of Port-au-Prince / Stages of the work-in-progress.

A brother and sister wanted to commemorate their father’s birthday, and both felt that the best photograph they had of him was, unfortunately, in black-and-white. Valmé was able to colorize his painting for this astonishing likeness.

To celebrate twenty years together, a client wanted to immortalize, in barbershop style, a favorite snapshot of herself and her husband.

Yes, we can do toddlers and babies!

A Cleveland industrialist and his wife wanted a favorite Hebrew aphorism in the background of their portrait.

A surprise present for a Bushwick-based designer.

Former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand “Titid” Aristide in a weathered snapshot of Valmé’s, and the painting he based on it.